Behavior Interventionist - IBI Program Coordinator

The IBI Program Coordinator is responsible to coordinate referrals for autism services programming and to manage wait lists. This position works closely with the IBI Supervisor to oversee referrals and coordinate with clients and families during the service eligibility determination process and case assignment so that this transition runs smoothly. This position is also responsible for quality assurance, and in doing so will review client files and service delivery processes, as directed by the IBI Supervisor. This position will receive support from the agency Quality Assurance Manager to ensure that services and files consistently meet administrative program requirements, and that updates in program requirements are incorporated into the service delivery and review process.

IBI Program Coordination duties will take up a portion of the IBI Program Coordinator’s work time, however this position also performs some direct service time. The type and amount of direct service time will vary based upon the number of clients being served by the program and the needs of the clinic. The IBI Supervisor will direct the ratio of direct service time to program coordination time.