Brain Injury Awareness Month

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 21, 2018 AT 9:19 am

Mike Heikes of rural Fergus Falls was involved in a bicycle crash with a car in 1982 and could have easily died.

Authorities looking for driver who hits, kills pedestrian in Alexandria

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 21, 2018 AT 9:09 am

Authorities in Alexandria are asking for the public's help after an apparent fatal hit-and-run accident Monday night in Alexandria.

Highway 10 Crash

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 21, 2018 AT 8:06 am

A slippery Highway 10 between Perham and New York Mills caused a rollover crash reported at 7:38 am Tuesday.

Noon Kiwanis Teddy Bears and Easter Eggs

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 21, 2018 AT 8:04 am

The Fergus Falls Noon Kiwanis club is putting on an Easter Egg Hunt and Teddy Bear Picnic this Saturday.


James Allen | Mar 20, 2018 AT 1:00 pm

The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an Australian woman in July has been booked on charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Life Saving Awards

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 20, 2018 AT 8:44 am

Fergus Falls Public Safety Chief Kile Bergren told the city council last night that what makes Fergus Falls what it is, is its people.

Fergus Falls Kirkbride Regional Treatment Center Potential Development

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 20, 2018 AT 8:24 am

The two buildings mentioned are the end buildings of the east and west attached sections that have towers.

Weekend Vehicle Vandalisms

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 20, 2018 AT 8:06 am

Fergus Falls police received two reports over the weekend of vandalism to vehicles parked in the 500 block of West Vernon Avenue.

Dwight Kern Sentenced

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 20, 2018 AT 8:05 am

Kern was convicted of second-degree drug possession. He was found sleeping at the wheel near the Verndale public school in October, 2016.

Troy Noble First Appearance

Jim Sturgeon | Mar 20, 2018 AT 8:04 am

Noble is accused of selling a mortgaged ATV to a Perham man in November, 2001. He was arrested on a warrant March 14th.