Billboard In Fargo Collapses

Billboard In Fargo Collapses Click to Enlarge

A report is coming in of a billboard that collapsed at I-29 near I-94 in Fargo reportedly from a wind gust of over 55 mph, while Medina, North Dakota is reporting an earlier wind gust measured at over 60 mph.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is advising no travel outside the city limits of Fargo and West Fargo.

The North Dakota DOT and the North Dakota Highway Patrol have closed I-29 from Fargo to the Canadian Border due to snow and blowing snow creating slippery road conditions, near zero visibility and life threatening driving conditions. The road may be impassible or blocked.

I-94 is also closed from Jamestown to Fargo due to slippery road conditions and zero visibility.

U.S. Highway 2 is closed from Grand Forks to Devils Lake.

A No Travel Advisory is in effect for all areas of south central and northeastern North Dakota due to blowing snow, high winds, icy roads, and areas of near zero visibility creating hazardous driving conditions.

Cities included in the No Travel Advisory include Bismarck, Jamestown, Valley City, Grand Forks, Devils Lake and surrounding areas. A No Travel Advisory means conditions are such that motorists should not travel in these areas.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) along with the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) says that I-94, I-29 and US Highway 2 will remain CLOSED until further notice due to significant drifting taking place, especially at structures and sheltered areas.

While conditions may look okay to travel in the metro/urban areas, the high winds are creating significant problems on these roadways and causing icy road conditions in addition to near zero visibility and drifting snow. It is expected that roadways will remain closed throughout the day or until high winds decrease allowing crews to clear drifts and recover a number of stuck vehicles from the roadway.

NDDOT and NDHP are out assisting numerous vehicles stuck on the roadway and crews are working to clean-up drifting, however this will take significant time.

Motorists are advised to STAY OFF CLOSED ROADS:

· I-94 is CLOSED from Bismarck to Fargo

· I-29 is closed from Fargo to Grand Forks

· US Highway 2 is CLOSED from Devils Lake to Grand Forks

Road Closed means motorists are not allowed to travel on a closed road due to life threatening conditions. The road may be impassible or blocked. Motorists who drive past a road closure device may be fined up to $250.

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