Fergus Falls Snow Removal Routes Explained

Fergus Falls Snow Removal Routes Explained Click to Enlarge

Following major winter storms, the clean-up starts, and the city of Fergus Falls has its own unique plan for how they clear major arteries and streets. City Administrator Andrew Bremseth…

Bremseth FF Snow Routes AUDIO

“…We do have some method to our madness, the first priority for the streets are emergency routes and that would be Lake Region Healthcare and in other areas of town we also focus first on high traffic areas like Lincoln Avenue Union Avenue, Vernon Avenue, mainly the big major thoroughfare streets, from there we focus on the commercial areas and business areas so they’re out there by the interstate and downtown trying to clear those areas of commerce before the day starts…”

Bremseth also says one of the biggest challenges that city plows deal with is people who leave their cars out on snow routes. Residents are asked to move their vehicles within 24 hours so that crews can effectively move the snow. Residents are reminded that If a vehicle is impeding snow removal operations, they could be subject to a ticket.

(Photo from City of Fergus Falls Facebook)

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