I-94 Track Conditions

I-94 Track Conditions Click to Enlarge

If you’ve listened to the live race call of I-94 Track Announcer Ron Krog, you’ve heard him refer to the condition of the race track sometimes as glazed.

WISSOTA Racing Associate Executive Director, Carson Gramm, says as the track gets used during heat after heat, it can be packed down. He says track officials use water to help keep the track as consistent as possible…

WISSOTA Racing Associate Executive Director, Carson Gramm AUDIO

The track will have to be in its best shape Saturday night, the last night of the Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100.

Gramm says race cars that night will be lined up three wide, instead of the two lanes normally used. With 33 cars, three wide, Gramm says spectators should be on the edge of their seats as the lead cars reach turn one.

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