Kurtis Silvernail Arrested

Kurtis Silvernail Arrested Click to Enlarge

A 27-year-old Breckenridge man well known to area law enforcement is jailed after a spree of vehicle thefts Thursday.

The Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office says Kurtis Bradley Silvernail is suspected of stealing a vehicle from a farmstead south of Rothsay about 4:40 am. Authorities recovered the vehicle a short time later, but other vehicles went missing from various farmsteads in the meantime.

At this point in the investigation, it’s known that four vehicles were taken without the permission of the owners. One of the vehicles was an ATV.

Silvernail was apprehended about six miles south of Rothsay at 6:44 am when a 911 call was placed about a person trespassing on private property. He then allegedly took the ATV from the farmstead and headed into a bean field. The ATV was stopped and Silvernail was taken into custody.

Heavy damage was sustained to some of the vehicles allegedly taken by Silvernail. He is jailed awaiting formal charges.

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