Ottertail Power Helps Florida

Ottertail Power Helps Florida Click to Enlarge

Twenty-two employees of Otter Tail Power Company were loading up trucks and equipment early this morning in Fergus Falls and are heading to Florida to help out restoration efforts following Hurricane Irma.

The volunteers come from the company’s nine service areas. According to Joe Bruechert , who is supervising the crew, they’ll be working for Tampa Bay Electric Company, working in the Tampa area…

“…They’ll give us a brief rundown on their things, we won’t work with anything energized. That’s one benefit we’ll have, we’ll work as a group together. They’ll brief us on how they do things, that’s the safety factor, we’ll go with.”

The crew will work in Florida for two weeks. If their help is needed beyond that point, the crew will be flown back home and leave their equipment behind and another crew will be flown there to replace them.

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