Possible Tornadic Activity Near Henning and Perham Areas

Possible Tornadic Activity Near Henning and Perham Areas Click to Enlarge

Local Law Enforcement was alerted to possible funnel clouds and brief tornadic activity this afternoon reported in the 3pm hour, with no reports of any damage so far. Meteorologist Ray Miller with the Weather Eye Weather Center says it’s kind of a rare phenomonom…

Henning Tornadic Activity -Ray Miller AUDIO

“…What's happening with this is there's just a lot of rotation in the atmosphere, a lot of wind shear so even a relatively weak thunderstorm can produce a brief funnel cloud. And occasionally those funnel clouds can't even reach the ground, so they tend to be extremely weak and they tend not to do very much if any damage at all. And so that's why the Weather Service held off on issuing tornado warning for that activity here this afternoon. And at this point we think that any real significant risk of severe weather is now going to be in areas well enough to the southeast. Down into east central and southeastern Minnesota through the rest of the night. So kind of a unique situation not to all that unheard-of, it happens a couple of times every year where we just get these very weak storms that are capable of producing week brief tornadoes that's what we saw this afternoon...”

Miller says the National Weather Service will always error on the side of caution if there is a touchdown imminent or extreme danger, and would then issue a Tornado Warning.

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