Ten Mile Lake Zebra Mussels

Ten Mile Lake Zebra Mussels Click to Enlarge

Ten Mile Lake southwest of Dalton has a confirmed zebra mussel presence.

Staff at Ten Mile Lake Resort contacted the DNR when they found suspected zebra mussels on a pontoon boat being removed from the lake. DNR invasive species specialists surveyed the area and collected 16 zebra mussels from other equipment in the same area.

During a broader search, DNR staff located one zebra mussel attached to the dock wheel at the public water access, a little over a mile from the reported location. All of the zebra mussels were less than one-quarter inch in length.

Because of connected waterways, the DNR is considering whether connected waters will also be added to the Infested Waters List.

Minnesota law requires that docks and lifts be allowed to dry for at least 21 days before being place into another body of water, whether aquatic invasive species are present or not.

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