2019 Governor’s Deer Opener Concludes

2019 Governor’s Deer Opener Concludes Click to Enlarge

The 2019 Minnesota Governor’s Deer Opener has concluded with a rousing reception for the Governor at Mabel Murphy’s in Fergus Falls with the “Tales of The Hunt” event late Saturday morning.

Governor Tim Walz and Mayor Ben Schierer, and members of their hunting party posed for pictures and emphasized what a wonderful area Otter Tail County is for hunting. The Governor says it was an incredible experience…

AUDIO: Governor Tim Walz- MN Gov Deer Opener -Tales of The Hunt Wrap

Along with the Governor, and Mayor Ben Schierer, the other local hunters included Mark Thoma, Vince Thoma, Nate Gibbons, and Matthew Byrne. Mayor Ben Schierer says he knows the Governor had a great time…

AUDIO: Mayor Ben Schierer MN Gov Deer Opener -Tales of The Hunt Wrap

One of the big themes that the Governor continually highlighted over the weekend was getting kids outdoors and enjoying the wildlife and nature, and as well the importance of thanking the residents of Otter Tail County and the many people and organizations for making the Deer Opener a huge success.

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