Flu Shot Clinic Date Changes for this Week due to Vaccine Shortage

Flu Shot Clinic Date Changes for this Week due to Vaccine Shortage Click to Enlarge

A flu vaccine shortage is the cause for a schedule change in flu shot clinics at Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls.

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Katie Johnson says Lake Region Healthcare has had an excellent response to flu shot clinics this year and as a result they have temporarily run out of the vaccine.

Johnson says public health, as well as various pharmacy partners are all also low or out of inventory as well. She says more vaccine has been ordered and is one the way.

The rescheduled Flu shot Clinics have been moved to Tuesday, November 12th from 5 to 7pm, while the clinic scheduled at the Barnesville Area facility has been rescheduled to Wednesday, November 13th from 8am to Noon.

The Centers For Disease Control say that the challenges associated with the U.S. influenza vaccine supply are multi-faceted.

Influenza viruses change from year to year, so influenza vaccines must be updated annually to include the viruses that will most likely circulate in the upcoming season.

Once the viruses are selected for the new formulation, manufacturers operate under a very tight timeline for producing, testing, releasing and distributing the vaccine.

Due to these time constraints, any problems encountered during production may cause shortages or delays, and in fact, such problems have impacted the supply in prior influenza seasons.

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