Fourth of July Travel Down This Year

Fourth of July Travel Down This Year Click to Enlarge

The upcoming Independence Day holiday would ordinarily be a very busy one for vacationing Minnesotans, but a new estimate finds travel will be down about 15-percent this summer, compared to last year.

Triple-A Minnesota spokesman Mark Peterson, says the COVID-19 pandemic has more people itching to get out and go, but fewer of them are expected to hit the road, just to be on the safe side:

"It won't be as busy, it's going to be down," Peterson says. "People are still going to be concerned and conservative in the way they address some of their travel. It's kind of like a wait-and-see attitude."

With people avoiding airports and hotels, Minnesota recreational vehicle dealers are reporting record sales and rentals.

"More people want to be a little safer, a little more inclusive, when they go out," Peterson says. If they're going to spend the night someplace, they know that the place they're going to stay is going to be safe. They know that the RV is going to be the best way to go so, yes, they are being used a tad more this year."

Leisure air travel is predicted to be down 74-percent between July and September from a year ago.

Worse yet, travel by rail, bus or cruise ship is expected to fall 86-percent for the quarter, compared to 2019.

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