Fox Consulting Makes Six New Businesses In Fergus Falls In Six Months

Fox Consulting Makes Six New Businesses In Fergus Falls In Six Months Click to Enlarge

The move to Fergus Falls was timely for Alison Steinwand and her Human Resources business. She, like so many other midwesterners, traded the rigid winters for the Arizona sunshine until just recently. While family connections brought her back to her roots, it was also an opportunity to expand her consulting business, but she didn’t know anyone.

It was around this time that the Star Tribune featured Fergus Falls in a piece about rural migration. This article provided the impetus for Ms. Steinwand to grow her business. This was the right place, the right time and becausethe article listed names, she was able to connect with resources like CoWork Fergus Falls and Greater Fergus Falls.

Steinwand said, “ I see so much potential in the Fergus Falls area, especially given the number of young adults rebounding back to Fergus or choosing to move here because of the benefits a more rural area can provide for their family. I want to help the community create jobs and opportunities so that Fergus Falls and the surrounding area continues to thrive.”

Fox Consulting provides Human Resources and Communications support to small businesses who may lack properly trained staff. Providing an array of services and training options, Steinwand can help improve employee productivity and morale, as well as offer staff training and proactively implement changes. Services range from hiring, recruiting and employee relations to leadership classes and I9 compliance.

Whether your business is well-established or just getting off the ground, Fox Consulting can help make your company the best it can be. To learn more visit or find her on Facebook @FoxConsultingService.

Greater Fergus Falls CEO Annie Deckert said “We field countless calls on a weekly basis with entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Fergus Falls, and have seen an uptick in business consulting firms. We are excited Ms. Steinwand chose to move to our community and offer her services to enhance the strength of our current businesses!”

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