Great Turnout for Parade to Show Support for Long Term Care Residents

Great Turnout for Parade to Show Support for Long Term Care Residents Click to Enlarge

Augustana Lutheran Church of Fergus Falls organized a parade to show support for residents in the local long term care facilities. Close to one hundred members of the church, family members of long term care facility residents, and members of the community that wanted to show their support took part in the parade. Many with signs of support to loved ones in the care facilities. Council President Laurel Kilde explains how the parade originated.

“There are members of Augustana that are in the assisted living and the retirement communities that are not getting out and seeing the other members of the congregation and their friends and family… we know we have family members that can't get their loved ones and we were trying to do something so people could at least see each other's faces even though they couldn't give hugs to each other. And something we could do as an outreach into the community.”

Kilde went on to say…

“It was an idea that come out of Augustana, but we did have outreach into the two retirement communities here in town. They were able to contact the families of their residence and let them know that they were welcome to join in. Along with any other community members of other congregations in town, so that way they could coordinate getting their family members outside or to a window where they could see those that were participating in the parade.”

The parade route included PioneerCare Center, Pioneer Pointe, and LB Broen Home.

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