Keep Pets Safe During Fireworks

Keep Pets Safe During Fireworks Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - It might sound like a fun idea to take your dog to the Fourth of July fireworks, but the humane society says it could end badly.

The Tri-County Humane Society is recommending people leave their dogs at home, and bring them inside, when attending fireworks.

Officials say loud noises and large crowds are both stressors for dogs, and once the fireworks start exploding they could get spooked and run off.

If it's simply not possible to leave your dog at home, make sure it's leashed and under your direct control at all times.

The humane society says every year on the day after the Fourth of July they arrive to find a bunch of voicemails from people who either lost a dog or found a dog during or after the fireworks.

Indoor-only pets can become so frightened during the fireworks that they try to leave the house.

All pets, even those kept inside full-time, should wear a collar and ID tag so they can be reunited with their owner if separated.

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