MN Football and Volleyball Seasons Might be Restored

MN Football and Volleyball Seasons Might be Restored Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - The Minnesota State High School League's Board of Directors could be meeting soon to discuss restoring the football and volleyball seasons for fall.

At a regularly scheduled workshop meeting Tuesday, representatives from the Minnesota Department of Health presented statistics, trends, and the outlook for COVID-19, where Assistant Health Commissioner Daniel Huff said of returning to play, "It comes down to risk, and it's how much risk that you're willing to take."

At least three days' notice is required, putting the meeting's earliest date on Friday, September 18th. The next board meeting wasn't scheduled until October 1st.

The regularly scheduled meeting for the Return to Play Task Force is today (Wednesday), which could also mark the start of surveying the MSHSL's 500 member schools regarding whether they want to play.

A bi-weekly meeting for athletics directors is Thursday, and if a special board meeting is called, all schools will be asked for their input.

The earliest possible dates for football games would be October 2nd, with practices starting September 21st. Volleyball games would start on October 22nd with practices beginning October 12th. Three weeks of optional practices for football and volleyball were allowed to start Monday.

All other fall high school sports: boys' and girls' soccer, girls' swimming and diving, cross country and girls' tennis started regular practices August 17th.

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