MN Office of Traffic Safety Says Fall Most Likely Time of Year For Deer Collisions

MN Office of Traffic Safety Says Fall Most Likely Time of Year For Deer Collisions Click to Enlarge

Two recent collisions in the area involving deer running out into the roadway highlight the need for drivers to be vigilant as fall is a season of high risk for colliding with a deer.

On Monday morning around 8:30am, Fergus Falls Police responded to a crash near the intersection of North Tower Road and Spartan Drive involving a deer running out into the roadway. In this case, the deer hit the front end of a Fergus Falls woman’s car and then started to spin around and wound up smashing the driver’s side window on the vehicle. The woman was taken to Lake Region Healthcare with unknown minor injuries, while the vehicle sustained over a $1000 in damages.

In another collision, a couple was driving northbound on County Road 135, south of New York Mills and struck a deer at around 6pm on Tuesday. The collision caused damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle, as well as large dents, and possible rear axle damage. A man in the car struck his face on the steering wheel and a woman in the car hit her shoulder on the door attempting to avoid the deer. The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office says that the vehicle was operable, and able to be driven away from the cash scene, and the couple escaped with only minor injuries.

The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety says there are things you can do to minimize the risk and possibly avoid a collision with a deer, which include being especially cautious from 6 - 9 p.m., when deer are most active, they also recommend using high beam headlights as much as possible at night, especially in deer-active areas.

Also don’t swerve to avoid a deer as swerving can cause motorists to lose control and travel off the road or into oncoming traffic.

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