National Fire Prevention Week

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It's National Fire Prevention Week this week and Fergus Falls Assistant Fire Chief Dean Anderson says one of the biggest causes of home fires in this area can definitely be prevented…

NATL FIRE SAFETY -FFFD Assitant Chief Dean Anderson AUDIO

“…The biggest thing is cooking. I'd say after that it is probably electrical safety, being careful with electricity. Don't overload circuits. If you're having to replace a lot of fuses, most houses have circuit breaker so you can reset it. Fuses are a little different, you kind of have to be cautious with that, so if you're replacing a lot of fuses, call an electrician…”

Many demonstrations will take place this evening with the Fire Department Open House from 5-7pm at the Fergus Falls Fire Station at 325 E Washington Avenue.

Fire prevention week takes place in early October in remembrance of The Great Chicago Fire, which burned more than three square miles in 1871.

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