Otter Tail County Free E-Waste Collection June 15th

Otter Tail County Free E-Waste Collection June 15th Click to Enlarge

If you still have that old television, or any other old electronic equipment, Otter Tail County Solid Waste is offering a one-time free E-waste collection event for County residents this Saturday, June 15th. Public Information and Education Officer Cedar Walters says only a fraction of E-waste actually gets recycled…

E-Waste Collection Event Cedar Walters AUDIO

“…There really are a lot more things that you can recycle and keep out of the landfill. There's a better home for E-Waste than that, and so it's really a huge waste category that sometimes we don't think about and we only recycle about a third of our electronic devices so I think sometimes people don't know the right place to bring their old electronics. I'm pretty sure I've got some stuff stashed away at my house I need to take care of too.”

The one-time free E-waste collection event for county residents will run from 9 to 3, coming up this Saturday. County residents and property owners may bring up to 5 E-waste items to the collection for free disposal. Acceptable items include TVs, VCRs, computers and computer accessories, cell phones, printers, fax machines, and Satellite/Cable receivers. Items from businesses or salvaged E-waste will not be accepted. For more information or questions prior to the event contact the Solid Waste Office or check them out on facebook.

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