Report Addressing Future of Farming in Minnesota Released

Report Addressing Future of Farming in Minnesota Released Click to Enlarge

New and potential farmers in Minnesota face multiple barriers that make it more difficult for the next generation to enter or stay in agriculture, more than 200 people told the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in six listening sessions around the state and via the Internet in 2019.

The report lays out recommendations on reducing or eliminating those barriers and suggests creation of an Emerging Farmers Task Force to provide expert guidance on how to achieve those goals.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan says, “When we support emerging farmers, we strengthen the agricultural industry as a whole, which also helps established farmers in their work, I am excited by the conversations that we had during these listening sessions, and I look forward to the work we have ahead of us to support emerging farmers across the state now and into the future”.

The category of emerging farmers includes people who identify as women, veterans, people with disabilities, members of communities of color or Indigenous peoples.

Besides recommending legislative establishment of a task force, the report also recommends providing incentives to farm service providers and the MDA to translate their training materials and creating additional grant resources to support emerging farmers.

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