Scams Reported in Otter Tail County

Scams Reported in Otter Tail County Click to Enlarge

A couple of scams were reported in the area on Thursday.

A resident on West Channing in Fergus Falls reportedly sent $2600 in EBay cards to a possible location in Kansas in what turned out to be fictitious sale of a camper. The person reported that camper had not been delivered as promised, and the telephone number that the party gave was now disconnected. Police say everything was conducted over i-cloud email. The resident lost $2600 in the transaction.

In another scam reported in rural Fergus Falls, a person was informed by a scammer that he had won a lotto prize, but needed to pay taxes to receive the prize. When the person realized it was a scam they contacted the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office and provided them with e-mails and bank receipts. In total, the person lost $872.

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