‘Sugar High' Bakery Pops up Downtown

‘Sugar High' Bakery Pops up Downtown Click to Enlarge

(Fergus Falls, Minn.) - Greater Fergus Falls (GFF) is pleased to announce that another new name in the ‘pop-up’ game will join the downtown business community! Sugar High, a bakery and confections vendor, will open their doors for an inaugural pop-up event on Thursday, September 24th from 3:00-6:00 pm at 123 E. Lincoln Ave (the summer home of Sugarbomb). This one-of-a-kind model will feature a grab-n-go bakery where customers can purchase single pieces of signature pies, cheesecakes, and other gourmet baked goods. At the helm of this endeavor is Fergus Falls transplant Emily McCune.

McCune said, “I have loved baking for as long as I’ve been old enough to lick cake batter off of the beater. Moving to Fergus Falls in 2011 to be a full-time nanny served as a great platform to share my love of baking within my family and carried on throughout my time in college, where I learned a very hands-on approach to both sourcing and growing local, organic, REAL foods. I was able to weave that newfound passion into baking and here I still am.”

After earning a degree in Sustainable Food Production and Agriculture from M State Fergus Falls, she turned her passion for baking into a hobby and eventually a small business venture. As a ServSafe Food Safety certified vendor in Minnesota, McCune knows the importance of preparing her goods with locally grown, choice ingredients. She is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to provide accessibility to traditional desserts with a modern healthy twist. Her unique style of baking not only offers wholesome yet delectable desserts, but supports our local growers and subsequently strengthens our economy, something she is equally passionate about.

“Everything I prepare is done in small batches and I do almost 100% of my shopping locally. I hope to inspire others through my recipes and more “traditional” techniques ( before things like *canned pumpkin* and *high fructose corn syrup* entered into our food systems),” she continued, “I also hope to inspire other recovering addicts in our community by illustrating that a healthy, happy, and productive life IS possible.“

McCune will offer customers a chance to peruse and purchase her carefully prepared, locally-sourced bakery items one day a month starting on September 24th. Future dates will be announced via her Facebook page @elevatedbaker where customers are encouraged to place orders between pop-up dates.

GFF board member and small business owner Kristi Hastings is working with McCune to provide a space for her pop-up. The Hastings family operates Sugarbomb, a pop-up candy store, during the summer months at the same location. “As a property owner, we are in a position to foster entrepreneurship. We’ve had an excellent experience with our pop-up store and are excited to share the opportunity with those who are exploring small business ownership,” said Hastings.

Press Release and photo provided by Greater Fergus Falls and Emily McCune

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