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Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop

Program Director

Background: I grew up here in Fergus Falls, and love living in the lakes area. The older of two children with one younger sister. I’m getting married this summer to a wonderful woman with three great boys.

Schooling/Education: Graduated from Fergus Falls High School in 1996 then went to college at MState Fergus Falls.

How you got into Broadcasting: While going to college I was working at a restaurant here in Fergus. The owner came up to and asked be to “Jot some stuff down. Then head to the radio station and do some ads.” I had fun doing that so when I left the restaurant I asked a friend at the radio station if they were hiring. He mentioned that one of the overnighters was going out on maternity leave so there might be a spot there. I came in talked with Stan Como who was the operations manager, and he gave me my start.

Random facts about yourself: Love spending the weekend out on West Battle Lake. I enjoy fishing, hunting, going to sporting events, and spending time with my family.